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One to One Pilates with Malcolm Scott, North Dublin, Clontarf, Sutton, Howth, MalahideAnatomy Pilates offers Pilates instruction on a One to One basis for individuals who require a tailor-made exercise programme which focuses on the achievement of their specific goals and provides dedicated instructor attention.

One to One tuition is appropriate for situations where a client wishes to accelerate the achievement of targets be that weight management, muscle strengthening and conditioning, rehabilitation or improved sporting performance. When Pilates is incorporated into a Personal Training Programme, results are maximised and become apparent very quickly.

It is suitable for individuals whose lifestyle requires flexibility and who cannot commit to the fixed weekly schedules associated with prearranged classes. Alternatively, some clients simply select One to One instruction because it is their preferred learning environment.

Anatomy Pilates also offers Pilates tuition to Small Groups, generally between 2 to 5 students. Again, this is suited to individuals who are looking for dedicated instruction and customised exercise programmes and it is particularly popular amongst groups of friends who like to exercise together in a familiar environment and find the camaraderie motivating.

Pilates Special Programmes, North DublinBoth One to One and Small Group Sessions lend themselves well to the delivery of the Anatomy Pilates range of Special Programmes. These include Pre/Post-Natal Pilates, Pilates for Elderly Clients, Pilates for Injuries and Rehabilitation and Sport-Specific Pilates. These programmes focus on specific needs, injuries or ailments which can be difficult to cater for in a general class environment.

The STOTT PILATES® method of Pilates is particularly suited to Special Programmes of this nature. It is a contemporary approach to Pilates which includes the modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and effective methods available. At Anatomy Pilates, each Instructor is an Advanced STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and are approved to instruct clients with injuries and other special populations. The Lead Anatomy Pilates Instructor is also a qualified Physical Therapist, Sports Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer thus combining skills from a number of disciplines so as to ensure clients achieve maximum results in a safe and controlled environment.

In terms of what to expect: at the outset of any new session, the Anatomy Pilates Instructor will review the client’s health and fitness history and will discuss any special injuries, exercise requirements or goals. Based on this information, the instructor will develop a customised Pilates exercise regime which establishes measurable milestones for the achievement of the agreed goals. Each programme is monitored continuously, and adjusted where required, so as to ensure the required results.

A wide range of exercises are incorporated into each programme, training the various postural muscle groups to ensure a complete workout. As an individual’s ability and knowledge of Pilates grows, so too will the variety and intensity of the exercises so as to keep clients motivated and challenged. Anatomy Pilates also provide a wide range of equipment for use in One to One or Small Group Sessions (for example, exercise rings, sitting blocks, flexibands, toning balls) to strengthen the deep torso muscles and maintain variety.

Pricing is scaled to reflect the numbers participating in any of the Small Group Sessions:

  • One to One €60 per session
  • 2 persons €100 per group session
  • 3 persons €120 per group session
  • 4 persons €140 per group session
  • 5 persons €150 per group session

Anatomy Pilates also works with sports teams and clubs. Currently we provide our services into a number of prominent Gaelic and Rugby Football Clubs in Dublin.

For further information on booking a One to One or Small Group Session Contact Us.

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