Recent Testimonials


Pilates"I have taken Pilates Classes for the last 9 months and found it excellent in increasing core strength, injury prevention and flexibility. I had previously suffered from lower back pain and Pilates was recommended for me to help the recovery process – it certainly did. The classes have lots of variety and the intensity is gradually increased to ensure maximum benefit. I would highly recommend the class to anyone."  

Eamonn O’ Carrol

"It’s the best exercise class that I have ever taken. At first I thought that I would never be flexible enough for the movements but approximately 3 to 4 classes on I began to adore it. No Injury or pain after the class and best news is my tummy and hips have lost inches without me feeling it. I have had to get some cloths taken in. Thanks."

Gari Deane

"Following a muscle injury and consequent ongoing problems with my back, I have taken up Pilates Classes with Malcolm. I have found him to be thoroughly professional yet approachable in his class and have, through continuing Pilates, found relief from persistent back pain." 

Siew Ping Chan


"I’m a trained Pilates Instructor so when it came to finding a class I had very high expectations. I couldn't fault Malcolm's teaching style and knowledge. His classes are challenging, interesting and professional, in a friendly and welcoming environment."

Isabel Tobin

"Taking up Pilates was one of the best decisions I made with regard to my health. Having suffered from lower back pain (on wakening) each morning for about 2 years, I was amazed and delighted to find that Pilates was the remedy which I had not been able to find through conventional treatments. I have no hesitation in recommending Malcolm's Pilates Classes to anyone, as not only are they enjoyable but this form of exercise has greatly improved my quality of life."

Marian Manley

As a writer, I suffer a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, especially as I approach a deadline. This was my reason for taking up Pilates and joining Malcolm's class. I found the exercises helped enormously in releasing that stress. I also enjoyed the relaxation and ease of mind that followed a good workout.

June Considine

"Having recently had my fourth child and despite working out regularly in the gym I still found it difficult to get my core muscles back in shape. Pilates was exactly what I was looking for and the expert tuition ensured I got the most out of the sessions. I am now back to my pre-pregnancy figure and looking forward to maintaining it moving to an intermediate level with Anatomy Pilates."

Neasa Ryan

"Should have done it sooner. Great for flexibility, posture and so reducing lower back pain."

Niall Gough

"I thoroughly enjoyed your Pilates Classes. I found it most beneficial in helping me with my back injury. I appreciated the fact that you went out of your way to consult with other specialists to work out the best course of action to get me sorted. Thanks."

Ray Flannery

“I attended Malcolm for treatment for my muscle stress and I found the deep tissue back massage helped to relieve my pain and discomfort. Malcolm was totally professional and provided me with helpful, easy exercises to help my recovery. I would recommend Pilates and Massage with Malcolm as he is excellent, courteous, helpful and professional.”

Jeanette Campbell

"The astute advice quietly and professionally imparted to me by Malcolm over a term of the Pilates classes and Physical Therapy sessions has permanently transformed my life from being a chronic back sufferer to one who now confidently undertakes physical exercises such as jogging and swimming with no fears of my back playing up .Uniquely Malcolm impressed on me the need to and the correct way to 'imprint' during physical exertion ,now I try to 'imprint' all the time. It is particularly helpful to me in my work as a dentist. My physical type is long and thin with a genetic predisposition for back problems."

Leo O'Droma

I would not hesitate to recommend Malcolm's Pilates class to anyone interested in improving their core strength and flexibility. I am an athlete and have seen definite improvements in my athletic performance since starting the class.. Malcolm’s combination of exercise and stretches are sure to give you a full body workout!"

Siobhan  Palmer