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Pilates, what to expect, DublinAnatomy Pilates offers a wide range of Pilates Classes in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment and caters for all ages and fitness levels. Our instructors understand the challenges of exercise, particularly for those who have never exercised before, and so we work with each student to ensure individual goals are understood and achieved.

Classes are small, averaging 10 students per class, and so each student receives individual attention from our instructors thereby ensuring correct technique, best results and utmost safety.

At the outset of any new course, the Anatomy Pilates Instructor will review each student’s health and fitness history and will discuss with each participant any special injuries, exercise requirements or goals. Based on this information, the instructor will select an appropriate class for each student and where required, will develop parallel exercises for individuals with specific needs or goals.

Pilates, what to expect, DublinThe instructor works collectively with the group but will also monitor individual performance to ensure that each exercise is performed accurately. The more accurately an exercise is performed, the more benefit one will achieve from Pilates. Each exercise is demonstrated first by the instructor and then followed by the class with the Anatomy Pilates Instructor assessing each student’s interpretation of the move and where necessary making adjustments.

A wide range of exercises are performed each week, training the various postural muscle groups to ensure a complete workout. As an individual’s ability and knowledge of Pilates grows, so too will the variety and intensity of the exercises so as to keep the class motivated and challenged. Anatomy Pilates also provide a wide range of equipment for use in each class (for example, exercise rings, sitting blocks, flexibands, toning balls) to strengthen the deep torso muscles and maintain variety.

At Anatomy Pilates you are in safe and qualified hands. Our instructors are STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructors, one of the safest and effective Pilates methods available. Furthermore, the Lead Anatomy Instructor is also a qualified Physical Therapist and Fitness Instructor hence he can deal with any complicated pathology that students may have.

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