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Malcolm Scott is the founder of Anatomy Pilates which is located in Clontarf and Malahide, in Dublin. Having embarked on a successful commercial career in prominent multinationals, Malcolm through injury discovered his passion for Pilates, which naturally complemented his love of sport.

Malcolm grew up in Sutton thus harnessing his love of all things related to water sports such as swimming, sailing, wind surfing, wake boarding and cliff diving. He pursued swimming competitively, winning many events along the way. His love of sport widened beyond the blue seas to the track with athletics receiving much of his attention in his school going years.

He now enjoys windsurfing and can be regularly seen early in the morning heading west in search of the highest waves and the windiest conditions Ireland has to offer.

Malcolm suffered lower back pain following an injury which led him to seek Physical Therapy treatment. It was the Physical Therapist who recommended Pilates as the most effective exercise regime for strengthening the damaged muscles and preventing further injury. The results were profound in terms of both rehabilitation and the effects on improved muscle strength, tone, mobility, flexibility and power – elements vital to his continued enjoyment of sports.

Malcolm Scott,  Pilates Classes. One to One, Special ProgrammesIt was this process that sparked Malcolm’s interest in the areas of Physical Therapy and Pilates having experienced the benefits first hand. A combination of both facilitated Malcolm’ s enthusiasm for all sports and this, coupled with his strong people and communication skills, made it an excellent change of career for him.

Malcolm’s vision in establishing Anatomy Pilates was to offer clients professional, friendly and results-focused Pilates instruction by providing a range of Pilates Classes and Special Programmes which cater for all ages, fitness levels and physical abilities. He was particularly interested in Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, therefore, being a Physical Therapist and a Pilates Instructor enabled him to combine both skills to offer clients a multidimensional approach to exercise, injury and pain management. 
The world leading STOTT PILATES® method instructed at Anatomy Pilates is a contemporary approach to Pilates which includes the modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and effective methods available. STOTT PILATES® offers all the benefits of improved fitness, muscle tone, strength, flexibility and posture and is particularly effective for athletes and teams in terms of improved sporting performance and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Malcolm's breath of skills and qualifications support his vision of offering a multidimensional service to his clients. These skills include:

Certified Advanced STOTT PILATES® Instructor

– Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor for Injuries and Special Populations

Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor for Pre/Post-Natal Pilates

– In addition, Malcolm is a qualified Neuromuscular/Physical Therapist and Sports Fitness Instructor.

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Mark Redican

As a competitive runner since my teens, competing at both club and county levels, I have become very familiar with the vagaries of trying to manage fitness levels, corporate career and life. With a history of back pain along with the inevitable spurious injuries that go hand in hand with an active lifestyle, I've had to be very inventive in finding ways to maintain my fitness, diet and wellbeing at a consistently high level.


I managed to do this quite successfully through trying out various forms of cross training that minimised injury potential. In 2009 I decided to stop relying solely on the knowledge of others and pursued my own professional education in fitness, Pilates and sport massage therapy.

In my mid 40's I now find myself in the lucky position to not only be able to keep on top of my own injuries and fitness goals, but to be in a career helping others to do the same. With the most up to date knowledge of physical training theory and practice along with my own 30 years of personal experience, I'm delighted to be working with Malcolm in providing Pilates & Rock Hard Fitness Classes.’


Katie Orton

Katie Orton  is a registered nurse, midwife and qualified Stott Pilates & Pre-natal Yoga Instructor having taught in studios across Dublin & Sydney. Katie says it was after having had her own children she discovered the unique power of Pilates to increase core and overall body strength and she has been hooked ever since