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Pilates 4 Men


Pilates for men is exactly what it says on the tin a class for men only. If Pilates classes that are 90% women make you feel awkward and outnumbered than this class is for you.

The class is designed for men with two key goals , Core training and Injury prevention / rehabilitation.  We ensure that you get a good workout and that the class really challenges you. This is achieved by using your own body weighty and light equipment. The term light equipment may make you think it will be easy but believe me when used correctly some exercises are very difficult.


Pilates/Core training is excellent for improving sporting performance. If your core is strong it enables you get more power from your kicks / swings (i.e. Football, Hurling, tennis, Golf, etc.). You can fend off and receive tackles better and it reduces the risk of getting injured.


Flexibility training is essential for improving sporting performance. It helps you improve your range of motion which in turn improves sporting performance. Take for example increased hamstring length and the benefits you can achieve. Less risk of being injured, this enabling you to continue training without having to stop, therefore you don’t lose your fitness and or your place on the team. You have a much better follow through when you kick the ball, increasing your kicking distance. You are a more efficient runner as there is less resistance .Your stride length can be longer thus increasing speed.


The class also incorporate many different exercises used in rehabilitating many different injuries. Special attention is given to back injuries such as disk problem. Pilates is a great at helping to improve your posture. In many cases back and neck pain is caused by poor posture , by improving your posture you can elevate the source of pain.


The format of the class is that the first few weeks are quite easy which is great for people who are injured or just return to exercise. As the weeks pass the class gets progressively harder as you get fitter .By the end of the term it is a challenging workout and are ready for intermediate level.


The music in the class is also selected with men in mind. There is no a waterfalls dripping, chimes charming, whales whaling or leaves rustling in the wind. Instead it is just normal up tempo workout music.

 Lastly, the instructor is also male.