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Benefits of Pilates

The benefits of Pilates have been well documented through the years and can be largely summarised as follows:

  • Promotes general fitness and complements other forms of exercise
  • Enhances and strengthens the body’s core muscles (abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks)
  • Promotes freedom of movement by creating longer, leaner muscles without bulk
  • Heightened body awareness and improves posture
  • Low impact means there is no pressure exerted on the joints
  • Helps reduce injury
  • Versatile – can be customised to suit everyone from rehabilitation patients to elite athletes
  • Improves performance in sport (e.g. golf, skiing)
  • Improves overall balance, co-ordination and circulation
  • Aids weight loss management
  • Complete mind and body work out
  • Relieves stress

Pilates BenefitsAt Anatomy Pilates, we adopt a client-centred approach to the delivery of our services, customising our Pilates tuition to the goals and physical abilities of each student. Our Pilates Classes are small in size to ensure this individual attention for our students and if required we also offer tuition on a One-to-One basis or in Small Group Sessions.

Pilates is a very versatile and safe form of exercise. It can be an easy and gentle or a tough and demanding workout depending on clients’ requirements. It is therefore suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Many of the exercises are performed in sitting or reclining positions removing pressure from joints and limbs. As it is a safe, low impact exercise, it is ideal for those recuperating from injury and is often recommended by medics as a form of rehabilitation exercise for treating muscle pain, injuries and postural imbalances. 

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